What others say about me

“It was wonderful working with Stas. He was thorough, helpful, and always ahead of schedule. When I was confused about technical issues, he took the extra time to explain things in a way I could understand, and he has a great eye for design. I'm so happy with the work we did together on my website.“
- rachelkadish.com
“I was extremly happy with stas.solutions. He is knowledgeable, responsible, professional, punctual, and very reliabale. All the emegencies were dealt with promptly and all the projects were completed thoroughly and on time. Thank you, Stas!“
- mobilesauna.us
“Stas did an amazing job of building and designing my website! My knowledge of technology is very limited, but Stas was able to understand the needs of my business and build the ideal website for me. He is extremely responsible and professional, responsive to every task. He’s super friendly and very principled; I felt completley comfortable trusting such an important component of my business to Stas.“
- writeadvantage.net